About Us

Lou’s Quality Home Health Care Services was established on Oahu in 2005 by Lourdes Vergara Marcelo. Lou is a trained professional Registered Nurse. Her nursing career spans more than 30 years. Throughout these years, Lou hone’s her nursing and human skills by continualy enrolling courses in those areas. Lou’s experience embodies a wide range of the nursing duties and experience beginning as a general staffer, maternity ward nurse and while at Tripler Army Hospital rose to head nurse in the dialysis department.

Lou embellished her skills by taking on several jobs simultaneously. During her off hours at Tripler Army Hospital, Lou worked for Hospice of Hawaii and Bristol Hospice as well as a case manager for another agency. It was during her tenure at Tripler Army Hospital and working with the Hospice patients, Lou realize a need for a Kamaaina home health care service. A home care service which catered to the local style of island living.

With that idea in mind, Lou made the decision to hang her shingle on her door and forge ahead into business. That was the beginning of Lou’s journey into the Home Health Care industry.

After five years in operation and with Lou’s firm commitment towards excellence along with her dedicated staff, LQHHCS is known for its empathy, patient etiquette and their ability to handle difficult situations. Her staff are seasoned and skilled care givers