Lou’s Quality Home Health Care Services formulates its patients care plan with a team approach in mind. Your care plan begins with an analysis which includes your doctor’s orders, your home safety assessment and your family’s comments and wishes. Together a plan is developed which benefits you and your family best. When your care plan is finalized and satisfactory to all, we’ll match up a CNA who would best assist you with your needs.

Note: All information is held in strict confidence and in accordance to the HIPPA code.

LQHHCS assigns an RN who will manage your assessment and care plan. Your RN will visit you monthly to evaluate your condition and to make sure you are being cared as prescribed by your plan. If circumstances arises where medical attention becomes necessary, your RN will confer and follow your doctor’s orders. Your RN will follow through with necessary visits until your situation subsides. All visits includes a quality check of your care. Your RN will discuss your satisfaction with our service and if necessary will make appropriate adjustments to your satisfaction. Note: If patient’s condition requires immediate attention between visits, staff on duty will notify both family and RN of the situation.

Registered Nurse (RN):
The role of the RN is to identify the needs and explore options for the patient. Develop care plans and coordinates all the necessary agencies. The RN is the liaison between patient, family, agencies and physician. Our RN is the patient’s advocate, thus will always look out for the patient’s best interest.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA-I)
Scope of services: provide patient bedside care in hospital setting or living environment. General assistance relating to the comfort and safety of the patient.

Home Health Aides
Scope of services: assist patients in their home environment with meal preparations and some light household chores. General assistance relating to the comfort and safety of the patient.

Companion Aides
Scope of services: assist patients with activities of daily living which includes feeding, bathing, dressing, transfer to and from bed, control bowel and bladder movements and aid patient with mobility within their living environment.

Other Services
We offer grocery and other shopping services. Transportation to and from medical, dental and professional appointments.

Patient care services are available for 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 hours a day. Arrangements can also be made for weekly and monthly home care services.

Call us for a free consultation at 808-632-7109 or 808-754-3934. An RN will arrange a visit and will answer questions you have about our health care services.