I would highly recommend Lou’s Quality Home Healthcare Services. I can’t say enough good things about them. My 83 year-old family member, named Roger, just passed away from terminal cancer in his home, under Hospice Care. Since he lived alone, I hired Lou’s to take care of Roger around the clock during the last four months of his life. Roger’s last wish was to die in his own home. Lou and her team were awesome: caring, professional, compassionate, kind, and tolerant. ┬áCNA Male nurses Richard Barrette, Max Tadeo, Romel Cruz, and Jeffreito Bulan were there to help Roger through a very painful experience. They made him so comfortable and spent time listening to Roger as he expressed his fears about his illness. They treated him like family. Although Roger could be difficult at times, and even stayed up all night, they were tolerant. They even took loving care of Roger’s kitten named Pono. Scheduler Sylvia Ganaban (who scheduled the male nurses) was wonderful. Sylvia, on occasion, would show up at the house and always make sure that Roger’s house was clean and she even shopped and cooked him meals, on her own time. On the day that Roger passed away in his home, Lou Marcelo showed up when she didn’t have to. Lou was so compassionate, that she immediately came to the house and stayed with me for hours until the mortuary team came to take Roger away, so I wouldn’t be alone. I will always be so grateful to Lou for this. I feel truly blessed to have met Lou and her Amazing team and I feel grateful that Roger left this earth feeling loved and cared for by Lou’s Quality Home Healthcare Services. He got the very best care he could ever receive from anyone. Read on Yelp


Lou, my brother Greg and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care your staff has been providing our parents since last year. Our Mom was exceptionally happy with the loving attention and great tasting and nutritious food provided her in her final year with us. In fact, her diet was so great, she didn’t even need to take medication to control her sugar. While we were very sad with her passing, we know that she thoroughly enjoyed the caregivers provided through your agency.

Dad, who is a difficult client because of his Alzheimer’s and delicate feeding needs, has also been very happy. Before employing your company, he was ready for hospice … very despondent, thin and bedridden. He perked up to the point of actually walking for several months … and has since put on quite a bit of weight. His healthy diet has also helped his irregularity. Prior to employing your company, his “regularity” was a daily concern. It was a circular struggle with medications, both prescriptive and over the counter, to try to get him “regular.” His diet has almost eliminated this problem, making him a lot more comfortable.

While Dad will never be the same person we all have known before his Alzheimer’s progressed, he certainly is enjoying himself a lot more. than a year and a half ago. The caregivers take him out…they not only use the handivan, but also the city bus. He goes on outings to Chinatown and neighborhood Shopping centers. He even visits their personal homes. This change of scenery is great for him … and while he cannot speak, he knows how to affirm the good times he-has been having.
We know that 24/7 services are difficult to provide. We appreciate your personal efforts in ensuring that the needs of your clients are being met. You have been able to react quickly to changing situations.

You take the time to personally visit your clients to ensure proper care is being administered and to train caregivers when necessary. We know that there will be a time when Alzheimer’s will totally take over Dad. We are grateful that the cost of care through your agency is comparable to what we might have to pay at a long term facility. This has allowed us to let him stay at a place he can call home, while receiving undivided attention and personalized nutrition. We strongly feel that the care and love he is receiving is likely the reason he has stayed at his current level of health.