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Lou’s Story

imag012I’d like to encourage many who are suffering from trauma and or despair to have faith in yourself and hold on with the thought of
hope. Because when reaching out for this thread of hope, it will be your faith and assertiveness that will bring you back from the gloomy thoughts to a brighter future. Getting through this period is probably the most difficult time in anyone’s life. In this period seek help from God, relatives, friends and professional therapist, anyone who will lend an ear to support you to rebuild your fragmented life. Let your emotions grieve all the while searching for solutions and goals to achieve. During praying or meditating, ask for directions and guidance rather than the causes or blame of the emotional problem. Look towards the future and reframe from dwelling in the past, you will not be able to change one bit of it. You can only learn from it and let it help you with better future decisions.


My experience

Six years ago my life changed unexpectedly by a divorce ending 30 years of marriage. I was a reluctant partner who was set out into the pasture to graze on my own. Devastated by this unexpected blow, I languish in tormenting thoughts for many months. Crushed by the feeling of hurt, fear, confused about my future were many of the ravaging thoughts that crossed my mind. I was in deep despair and in the lowest point of my life. After deweling in aimless thoughts, I concluded in order to survive, I must move on to better pastures. Through friends and faith, I began sorting my thoughts focusing on solutions and setting goals. Soon after defining my course and goals to achieve, stability reentered into my life. Slowly and surely the pain, suffering and despair gave away to success, joy and glory.

Road to recovery

My StoryIn the beginning the road to recovery was very curvy and bumpy. Maneuvering through the course of recovery was and is still challenging however I would not have it any other way. My journey to recovery has been exciting and extremely rewarding. Through hope, perseverance and determination, I’ve passed through those dark clouds and have joyfully reached and exceeded my goals. You too can do the same by clinging onto hope and by having faith in yourself that you will be fine. It‘s my hope that my story will inspire anyone in despair to never give up on life because there is a wonderful and bright silver lined cloud waiting for you just beyond the end of the dark cloud.

I thank God for answering my prayers, the people surrounding me and my family who gave me the inspiration to reach for the thin thread of hope. I am eternally thankful and grateful to my friends who help me recover from my pain and suffering.

YOU TOO CAN reach out for the thread of hope and reclaim your life! Start by having faith in yourself, develop and focus on your goals and you will succeed!

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